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Recently, I’ve been receiving utterly a few mails from subscribers meditative about changing their professions to work as personal trainers; with a blast of aptness on amicable media, it seems there’s a correllated boost in career jumps too. In my inbox, very often, a sender is meditative about changing their career, deliberation subordinate as a PT (Personal Trainer) or has been operative in a pursuit for a while and is looking for recommendation about changeable direction. REALITY CHECK! Whether we usually wish to know what your PT goes through, or if a regretful captivate of a PT-life is tantalizing you, examination on, as it’s severely tough! I’ve been a PT for good over a decade and while my career has taken astonishing turns, we have mostly wanted to share my advice, for what it’s worth. we cruise that for many people deliberation this shift, it’s a box of ‘the weed is always greener…’ This post will speak about some of my honest experience-based perceptions about a career of a Personal Trainer, warts and all!

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has undoubtedly helped to glamorize a gym environment. From overwhelming supermodels who demeanour a million dollars when punching concentration pads, to cool jaunty guys wearing Yeezys and celebration vegan blends. I’ve depressed for it too, yet when we started out 10 years ago, this judgment of aspirational, ‘haute fitness’ was usually usually beginning, with tiny boutique gyms commencement to open adult – and it was all offline, mostly word of mouth. Now, we can all live and breathe it daily, around whichever amicable feed, and many people feel such encouraged passion that they (understandably) wish to be concerned in it as their categorical line of work. Training to turn an accredited personal tutor is one of a many trafficked paths towards this.

Social media is a good approach to foster your work and settle yourself, yet we can't highlight adequate a essential significance of experience. Achieving a 6 container by your possess training is unequivocally opposite to training other people; that’s one of a biggest mistakes we see from newer trainers – training clients a approach they’d sight themselves. It’s not a one-size-fits-all industry, yet should be something most some-more indepth and bespoke!


The Easy Formula’, as we like to call it, is a vast misunderstanding. People cruise that life as a PT is chilled; something along a lines of “Yeh I’ll qualify, assign £100 a session, work with 6 clients a day  for usually 6 hours, afterwards concentration on my possess training – so 6 hours x £100 x 7 days in a week x 52 weeks in a year is roughly £220k. Sweet. Minted.” Firstly because would anyone compensate we £100 an hour when we have no believe and have literally usually qualified, yet secondly, it’s tough graft, tough to settle unchanging repeat business, and given you’re on your feet all day long, it’s physically removal too. Not to discuss cabin heat during a gym, as no matter how vast and opposite your gym is, during a finish of a 5-hour behind to behind grafting session, it’s a final place you’ll wish to be!

At a risk of sounding as yet we hatred it, we should indicate out that we indeed love it, I’ve schooled so most from it, met so many fanciful people in a process, and wouldn’t change anything if we had my time again! we do however wish to indicate out that it’s not for everyone, it’s not all silken and polished, and it’s a plea that some people competence bewail holding on, and they should be wakeful of that in advance! Here are some specific observations…

Fitness On Toast - Vyta Personal Training On Demand App


I started out operative in a vast blurb gym (Esporta) after qualifying. First up, we have outrageous honour for people who work in blurb gyms as it’s seriously tough work, and not quite good remunerated. we remember removing adult during 4 in a morning to get to a gym for 05:30, so that we could open it for a 6am early-birds. Then I’d sight clients between a hours of 06:00 – 22:00. It’s a purpose in that we work long, strange hours mostly for small money. In between you’re cleaning equipment, that includes going on your hands and knees and scrubbing a sweat-spattered treadmills. A humbling experience, and distant from a glamorous ideal we competence have in mind when sourroundings out on a PT journey.

When we start operative in such an environment, we aren’t picky and you unequivocally most take a clients we can get. This means clients who wish to sight during 06:00, and those who wish to sight during 22:00. Peak hours are mornings and evenings (before and after work), that cripples your leisure to suffer an on-demand amicable life. Also, that can mostly meant empty spells in between, that interrupts your ability to strike adult a stroke and press on. Financially, when we work for a blurb gym a patron competence be peaceful to pay, for example, £70 an hour. However, after a gym’s elect and beyond charges, you competence finish adult with £15 in your slot – that is afterwards taxed, and doesn’t go distant in London! So now not usually are we busting your donkey off perplexing to settle a unchanging rota of clients, and operative crazy burdensome hours you’re also creation unequivocally small money.


When we started working, my group had dual physiotherapists on board, one behind specialist, one physique builder, and a critical marathon runner. This meant we had an implausible group around me from whom we could learn, rapine their niches and expertise, picking their particular brains. we remember many times carrying a patron wanting to sight with me, yet we felt we wasn’t right for his or her specific requirements, so we would send them on to one of my colleagues, and in lapse he/she would learn me about their behind problems, and run me by their programs.

You finish adult training so many opposite people in blurb gyms that we benefit extensive extent and experience. There is no surrogate for that, and it helps rise a unequivocally clever substructure for a years ahead.


Whilst we can have a best believe in a world, being a PT means operative in a use industry, where a patron is king. It is a classical ‘people job‘ definition we have to be means to bond with many  different celebrity types, from one hour to a next. Working in a blurb gym, trust me we fast turn a chameleon, as your provision depends on that ability to strike adult a rapport, and change your clients’ life.

On a flip side, we also have to BE a professional; you’re not befriending them, it’s not a 1-hour locate adult with a mate, yet someone is profitable we a reward price, and they design a professionally-delivered product. It takes a certain ability to step a change between ‘familiar’ and ‘professional’.

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Also, we competence like to cruise that you’re there for a client; if we need to go abroad, or make a extemporaneous trip, you’ll be vouchsafing down all of your clients for their unchanging spot. That’s a outrageous nuisance to them, and there are copiousness some-more PTs watchful to take on a business. In other words, we have to scapegoat your coherence and finish adult engagement time off formed on your clients schedules (school holidays, christmas etc – i.e. a costly times!).


If we hang with it eventually we can and will collect who we wish to train. You’ll build adult a patron bottom and we can work unchanging hours (9-5). we remember when we started, we felt as yet there were so many trainers around, and there are even some-more now interjection to an blast in a recognition of a role.
Statistically around 30-35% of those who make a switch and retrain are still doing it in a years time. Perseverance and tough work is the key.


It’s a hugely rewarding pursuit when you’re means to truly assistance someone else, either that’s weight detriment or gain, removing stronger, conquering some opposite fear, their posture, appetite levels, or how they feel about themselves.

This is by no means a post to deter people from going for it, yet rather is a picturesque examination of what a work entails, aside from 6 packs and flattering Instagram cinema of squats.


You never stop learning!
My other square of recommendation for what it’s value is never stop learning. There are so many opposite approaches, all with validity. There’s so most to take from such a opposite set of approaches. I take courses and examination investigate constantly, all with a aim of delivering a some-more professional, good informed, and result-oriented use to clients. In an increasingly rival marketplace its a good thought to specialize either that’s pre/post-natal, sports massage, yoga etc. Do as many courses as probable as it will assistance to set we detached from someone else.

I wish this straightforward comment of a good and bad has helped, and good fitness if you’re deliberation creation a burst to a smashing universe of fitness!

Faya x